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Zoonotic diseases in the Classroom

October 3, 2016

This week is Animal Health Week (October 2-8) and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is focusing on the importance of ‘One Health,’ meaning that the health of humans, animals and ecosystems is interconnected. With this theme in mind, guest blogger and 4th year animal science student Kelsey Neill discusses zoonotic diseases, classroom animals and what you need to know. Zoonotic…

Responding to Disaster: The Fort McMurray Fire

May 31, 2016

A disaster can happen when we least expect it. But when people step up, get involved and work together, difficult situations can be overcome and the Fort McMurray fire is a great example of this. From the start, the fires moved quickly, intensely and unpredictably. People were forced to evacuate with little warning – this meant many were powerless to…