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Kindness Challenge Day 6: Every One Counts!

December 6, 2017

Every One Counts!

What does every one counts mean to you? Draw a picture or make a collage of animals you feel need more respect.

While drawing your picture or making your collage think of the following questions:


  • What does it mean to respect someone or something?
  • Does every person deserve respect? Do all animals deserve respect?
  • What ways can we demonstrate respect for Ourselves? Others? Animals? The environment?
  • How do you feel when others show you respect? Why is it important to show respect?



After thinking about the questions, discuss your answers with a friend or classmate. Did you agree on the answers?

For additional information and resources for today’s challenge, click here. While you are there, don’t forget to request your FREE ‘Every One Counts’ class poster, if you don’t already have one!



December 6, 2017