Grade 1

AnimalTales Resources:

The following resources compliment the AnimalTales book program. They include PDFs of the activity sheets included in the teacher’s guide, SmartBoard activities, video links, curriculum connections and some extra resources. Contact us if you experience any issues.

max_talks_to_mepdficon_largeMaxTalks to Me: But what is he saying?
(Post Reading Activity #1)
notebook iconMax Talks to Me: But what is he saying?
(Post Reading Activity #1)
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
KokoCatnotebook iconComparing Cats and Kids (Post Reading Activity # 3)
pdficon_largeWhat Cats Need (Post Reading Activity #4)
notebook iconWhat Cats Need (Post Reading Activity #4)
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
Melvinnotebook iconAll about Turtles (Post Reading Activity # 2)
notebook iconAnimal Senses (Post Reading Activity #3)
pdficon_largeWhere do I belong? (Post Reading Activity #4)
notebook iconWhere do I belong? (Post Reading Activity #4)
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
Extra Resources:
Where do I belong? TinyTap game online or ipad app
(Post Reading Activity #4)
BeforeYouWereMinepdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
I want a dogVideo link: I Want a Dog (NFB)
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections