Grade 3

AnimalTales Resources:

The following resources compliment the AnimalTales book program. They include PDFs of the activity sheets included in the teacher’s guide, SmartBoard activities, video links, curriculum connections and some extra resources. Contact us if you experience any issues.

Buddy Unchainedpdficon_largeAnimal Alphabet (Post Reading Activity #3)
notebook iconAnimal Alphabet (Post Reading Activity #3)
pdficon_largeKindness Tree
Protecting Animals Podcast (Post Reading Activity #4)


pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
The tenth good thingpdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
Extra Resources:
Tips for teachers - Helping Students deal with pet loss
a home for dakotaIdeas on how to make a difference for animals: Class Action
(Post Reading Activity #1)
pdficon_largeDog Dollars and Sense (Post Reading Activity #4)
notebook iconDog Dollars and Sense (Post Reading Activity #4)
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
Extra Resources:
(Post Reading Activity #4)
Pet Budget example
oh-theodorepdficon_largeExperimenting with Language (Post Reading Activity #1)
Websites for Guinea Pig Research (Post Reading Activity #4)
BC SPCA - Guinea Pig Behaviour & Care
American SPCA - Guinea Pig Care
Calgary Humane Society -Dispelling Guinea Pig Myths
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections
Extra Resources:
How Animals Help Us (Post reading activity #2)
Interview with Chimo Animal Assisted Therapy
Service Dogs in War - John and Balto's Story
I want a dogVideo link: I Want a Dog (NFB)
pdficon_largeCurriculum Connections