Descriptions Grade 1

The following are books that you will find in the AnimalTales program

Max Talks to Me by Claire Buchwald


Max Talks to Me is a story of love and devotion between a young boy and his beloved dog Max. This story captures the caring behaviours and trust that foster a rich relationship between a child and an animal.



Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying dog body language
  • Using body language to convey feeling (charades)
  • Demonstrating ways to show appreciation

Before You Were Mine by Maribeth Boelts


A little boy wonders what his dog’s life was like before he was adopted from an animal shelter. Did he have a name and family who loved him? How long had he been alone? This heartwarming story shows how adopting an animal can bring happiness and comfort to a pet as well as the new owner.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Addressing reasons why pets end up a shelters
  • Discussing how animals are cared for at a shelter
  • Describing qualities of a responsible pet owner

Melvin and the Boy by Lauren Castillo


When Melvin sees a turtle basking in the sun at the park, he thinks he’s found the perfect pet. But once they arrive home, Melvin discovers that maybe a wild turtle isn’t the perfect pet after all.

A story about finding the right pet, and in the end, doing what’s right for that pet.


Reading Activities Include:

  • Classifying animals as domestic or wild.
  • Learning about turtle characteristics
  • Exploring animal senses

KokoCat, Inside and Out by Lynda Graham-Barber


KokoCat, a well-loved housecat, has seen the world only from the safety of her windows. One day, she takes advantage of an open door and runs away to explore. Once outside, she finds that life is more complicated and less enjoyable than she bargained for.



Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying the needs of cats
  • Comparing the needs of animals to the needs of peopls
  • Explore new vocabulary
  • Build a cat bed or cat toy