Descriptions Grade 2

The following are books that you will find in the AnimalTales program

Max Talks To Me By Claire Buchwald

max_talks_to_meMax Talks to Me is a story of love and devotion between a young boy and his beloved dog Max. This story captures the caring behaviours and trust that foster a rich relationship between a child and an animal.



Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying dog body language
  • Using body language to convey feeling (charades)
  • Demonstrating ways to show appreciation

Fred Stays With Me By Nancy Coffelt

fred stays with meTold from the point of view of a young child whose parents are divorced, Fred Stays with Me follows a girl and her dog, Fred, from one parent’s house to the other giving her a sense of continuity and stability. The story expresses and addresses a child’s concerns and highlights the friendship between child and pet.


Reading Activities Include:

  • Discussing positive interactions with animals
  • Identifying challenges and finding solutions
  • Learning about how service animals assist people

“Let’s Get a Pup!” Said Kate By Bob Graham

LetsGetAPupWhen Kate and her parents go to their animal shelter to adopt a puppy, it’s love at first sight…twice! In this sweet, humorous tale, a young family decides that two dogs are better than one—especially when one is wee and bouncy, and the other “old and gray and broad as a table.” A fun way to introduce the joys – and struggles – of pet ownership.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Group discussion on the benefits and challenges of owning a pet
  • Creating a graph to represent the pets owned by students in the class
  • Identifying the needs of a pet and how to be a responsible pet owner.

Hey, Little Ant By Phillip and Hannah Hoose

HeyLittleAntThis parable about mercy and empathy asks readers to look at life from an insect’s point of view. A boy contemplates squishing an ant who pleads with the boy to spare him. A great conversation starter about how we and animals (even insects) are alike and different, and how peer pressure can lead to bullying.

Reading Activities Include:

  • discussing the value of kindness to all living things
  • looking at how peer pressure can lead to bullying
  • discussing how ants, like people, have homes where they meet their basic needs