Animal Cams

Your students can enjoy and observe animals without even bringing them into the classroom. Many animal cams – featuring companion animals or wildlife – are available now and more are being added all the time. Here are some suggestions:

Kitten and Puppy Cams
Streaming videos (live or archived) of kittens and puppies are becoming more popular. Some sites you might want to check out are the Foster Kitten Cam, featuring kittens at the Purrfect Pals animal shelter, and the Bergin University Service Dog Program’s Puppy Cam. You could also do a google search for live cams if those aren’t online.

Wildlife Cams in Alberta
Cameras that catch wild animals in action are viewable when in season. Wild bird cams in Alberta locations usually operate from April to September:

If you want to see a year’s worth of wildlife in under five minutes, check out this video from a camera set up in Banff National Park.

Wildlife Cams outside Alberta
There are many cams operating around the world. Here are just a few: