Farm Animals

Virtual Farm Tours

  • You’re only a click away from visiting a number of real, working Canadian farms! This website provides the opportunity to look inside the barns and fields and learn about the animals that are raised there.

Kid’s Farm

  • This site from the folks at the Red Bluff Ranch in Colorado is a great site for preschool and elementary students to learn about farm animals. Kid’s Farm has section on farm and wild animals, animal sounds, farm equipment and wildlife rehabilitation. Great animals and puzzles make it a fun place to visit.

Farmland Video Game

  • In the farmland game you have a chance to try rearing farm animals in an animal-welfare-friendly way.You will also learn about the “Five Freedoms“, which focus on the needs of the animals. As you play the game, you’ll discover by clicking on the “The life of animals” button, a series of clues that will help you ensure a good level of animal welfare!