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Downloading the lesson activities requires the free Acrobat Reader available here.

Animal Book Review new!

  • Have your students read a book featuring an animal and then write a review! Our Recommended Reading webpage has a wide array of great books that feature animals in a realistic way. Send your students’ reviews to us and they may be featured on our website.

Animal Adjectives

  • You may have heard of a serpentine river that meanders like a snake, or an elephantine item that’s big as an elephant, but there are many other adjectives based on animals.  Students will expand their vocabularies by applying strategies to identify words then use them in sentences.

Animal Descriptions

  • By using adjectives students will describe an image that other students must draw. Subsequently, students will draw an image from another student’s description, gaining an appreciation for how description evokes

Animals in Advertising

  • Animals are popular and effective tools used by advertisers. A look at how and why animals are used as a part of effective marketing as well as
    consideration for animal welfare is discussed.

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