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Buddy Unchained

Buddy Unchained tells the story of a once mistreated dog living in a new home. Buddy lives with a family, who takes great care of him, but that was not always the case. Buddy was found one winter day chained outside, and it was not until Buddy was helped from his situation that he started to feel cared for.

Why use this book?

  • Students will be introduced to the concept of animal protection and how laws help to protect animals from mistreatment.
  • Students will discuss what they can do if they are concerned about the welfare of an animal.

Ask your students:

  • Look at a picture of Buddy chained up. How do you think you would feel if you were Buddy in this situation? How do you think Buddy feels?
  • Who do you think took care of Buddy before he was sent to the shelter?
  • What is the name of the animal shelter in your town/city/area?
  • A pet has many need that a pet owner must provide for. What does a pet owner receive in return for meeting their pet’s needs?


  • Protecting Animals Podcast – As a class, listen to the everylivingthing Podcast to learn more about the role of an Alberta SPCA Peace Officer and how they help animals. Then go over the following discussion questions as a class.
    • What do Alberta SPCA Officers do?
    • What kind of animals do they help?
    • Do you think it would be hard to be an Alberta SPCA Peace Officer? Explain.
    • What does Peace Officer Ryan-Ann suggest you should do if you see an animal mistreated or in distress?

Buddy Unchained is part of the AnimalTales program. Above, is a small selection of the discussion questions and activities that can be found in the Grade Three Teacher’s Guide. For additional discussion questions and activities request the FREE book-lending program for your class.

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