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The Way I Love You


Great for grade K-2, The Way I Love You explores all the different reason why we love our pets. Told through the eyes of the young child, this book demonstrates that our pets are more than just our pets; they are our friends and family.





Why use this book?

  • Highlights the human-animal bond.
  • Demonstrates the needs of dogs (food, play exercise, etc).

Things to note:

  • Illustrates the girl hugging her dog. It is important to inform students that although people express affection through hugging, this is not a natural behaviour for dogs. Most dogs do not enjoy being hugged. Discuss the consequences that can come from hugging a dog (even ones you know – 77% of dog bites come from family or friend’s dogs!).
  • Depicts the dog in situations where he is not expressing natural behaviour.

Ask your students:

  • Do dogs hug one another to show affection?
  • How can we show our dogs affection in a way that they understand (gentle petting on the side)? Demonstrate on a stuffed animal.
  • Do you think dogs enjoy dressing up? Why or why not.
  • Why is it important to think about how a dog feels in these situations?


  • Stop the 77 includes information on dog safety and videos on how to properly approach/interact with dogs, that can be shown in your classroom.
  • How to greet a dog poster to hang in your classroom that shows correct, and incorrect ways of meeting a dog.



David Bedford, 2014


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