Humane Education Across Alberta

There are a number of humane societies and SPCAs across Alberta that provide humane education programs and opportunities for teachers and students. Opportunities, such as field trips and classroom presentations, give students the chance to see the impact these organizations have in their communities, while learning from local experts.

Read the brief descriptions below to learn more about some of the programs offered by animal welfare organizations around Alberta. For a more detailed description of what each organization offers, visit their website.

Calgary Humane Society, Calgary

The Calgary Humane Society (CHS) offers customizable, half-day field trips where students learn about the organization and have a chance to connect with animals. CHS also offers classroom presentations from kindergarten to grade 12 on a variety of topics. One such topic, ‘Bullying Pets & Peers’ has students learn the similarities between bullying and animal cruelty by comparing the motivations and causes behind aggressive behaviours. Additionally, grade 1-9 students have the opportunity to get involved in animal welfare outside of school with the CHS Youth Clubs.

Central Alberta Humane Society, Red Deer

The Central Alberta Humane Society (CAHS) in Red Deer offers both field trips to their shelter and school presentations. Students will learn about who the Central Alberta Humane Society is, what they do and why this organization is important to their community. Students also have the opportunity to spend time with some of the adoptable animals during their visit to the shelter. CAHS also offers camps for students between the ages of 6-10 during professional development days and summer holiday.

Edmonton Humane Society, Edmonton

Field trips and school presentations are also offered through the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). Their humane education team has been busy updating existing, programs, and creating new ones that are scheduled to be released throughout 2024. One of the new programs, for grades 9-12, will have students exploring the connection between animal abuse and human violence, known as The Link. For students between the ages of 10-14, EHS offers a recently refreshed Pet Sitters course where students will learn how to compassionately care for pets while their owners are away.

Medicine Hat SPCA, Medicine Hat

The Medicine Hat SPCA has once again started school presentations on topics such as animal care and responsibility, and are planning on updating and revamping their education programs in the future.

For a list of SPCAs and humane societies that offer humane education, click here. Teachers not located in or near the communities featured in this blog, or on our website, are encouraged to reach out to their nearest humane society or SPCA to see what humane education opportunities are offered.

*The Alberta SPCA does not endorse and is not responsible for the content from the other organizations mentioned in this blog.

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