Humane Heroes – Past, Present and Future

pizza maskWe’ve all heard of humane heroes – people who have made a huge difference in the lives of animals, people and the environment; Jane Goodall, Temple Grandin, and Grant MacEwan are just a few examples. These individuals have made the world a better place and are a huge inspiration to many.

Although we’re aware of these famous and influential people, we sometimes forget that humane heroes surround us; they are our students, our teachers, our friends, our neighbours. These are the people that are doing small things and, combined with the efforts of many, are making a huge difference.

By looking at humane heroes past and present and learning how they have contributed to making the world a kinder place for animals, people and the environment, we can be inspired to do the same.

The Humane Heroes Pizza Party is focused on doing just that. We hope that by looking at what needs our kindness and compassion, and seeing how others are making a difference, will promote awareness and empathy for all for all creatures and the earth that we share.

Encourage your students to show what’s in their hearts, or tell us about a humane hero or be a humane hero (discussion questions and activities). Let us know about it and your students will be entered to win a class pizza party and get their mark on our kindness map. The contest deadline is May 12.

Help us to celebrate the future humane heroes who are beginning to shape our world for the better.

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