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Animal Health Technology

To practice as an AHT, you must complete a minimum two-year program of study in Animal Health Technology.  Individuals who work as AHTs in Alberta must be active members of the Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists (AAAHT) and in turn, be registered with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (AB.VMA).

The Animal Health Technologist (AHT) is a valuable member of the health care team in veterinary practices. AHTs assist veterinarians in many ways; typical responsibilities may involve:

  • emergency and intensive animal nursing
  • diagnostic procedures (laboratory)
  • prepare and administer medications
  • sterile prep & assist surgical procedures
  • diagnostic imaging, radiographs/ ultrasound
  • administer and monitor various anesthetics
  • dental prophylaxis
  • wound and bandage care
  • business management, administration
  • physiotherapy/ hydrotherapy
  • public education, client relations
  • nutrition management
  • charting medical records

Graduates of an Animal Health Technology program are in high demand in a wide variety of settings, such as:

  • private veterinary practice
  • zoos, wildlife rehabilitation
  • self employed /animal training, pet sitting
  • animal behaviorist
  • biomedical research, laboratories
  • animal shelters, humane societies
  • military
  • industry sales representatives
  • teaching hospitals, college institutions
  • production farms (cattle feedlots, swine barns)
  • meat inspection

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