Descriptions Grade 5

The following are books you will find in the Grade Five AnimalTales program.

One Duck by Hazel Hutchins

A duck nests in a field and one day a farmer, who doesn’t know about her, decides it’s time to turn the soil.  Seeing the duck, the farmer stops his tractor and moves the nest. The following day, the duck is seen leading her newly hatched ducklings to a pond. This poetically written story illustrates how, with a little care, human interests and those of nature can co-exist.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Discussing the importance of respect for all living things
  • Writing stories that show empathy towards animals using imagery and literary techniques
  • Investigating how to protect ducks and other wetland species

How Smudge Came by Nan Gregory

When Cindy, a young woman with Down syndrome, finds a puppy amid the garbage, she knows that’s no place for a puppy. She brings him home and takes her to the hospice where she works. But when told she can’t keep a dog, Smudge ends up at an SPCA animal shelter – though, not for long. This book raises many discussion points about the responsibilities of pet ownership and attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Composing  similies based on the story
  • discussing importance of compassion for all people include those with special needs
  • Researching assistance animals & the different way they help us

Dogku by Andrew Clements

When a homeless dog shows up at the back door, a family takes him in, feeds and bathes him, and names him. Written entirely in haiku, the pet experience is a clever, fun introduction to the poetic form and an engaging lead-in to a class writing exercise.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Researching the cost of owning a dog
  • Creating haiku expressing facts, feeling and emotions about animals, animal issues and the human-animal bond
  • Discussing responsible pet ownership

C'mere Boy by Sharon Jennings

Dog wants his very own boy. Though Mama warns him that a boy takes a lot of work, Dog is determined to find the perfect boy for him. Dog wonders if boy will be hard to train?

This humorous story discusses responsible pet ownership – with a twist of perspective.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Discussing the benefits and challenges of owning different types of pets
  • Identifying the needs of pets
  • Writing a story from the perspective of an animal
  • Constructing double bar graphs to represent statistics about pet ownership

Also included in Grade Five AnimalTales:

  • Teacher’s Guide including curriculum connections
  • Hands-on Activity Cards
  • Downloadable Smart Board Activities, Activity Sheets, Blog and Podcast