Descriptions Kindergarten

The following are books you will find in the Kindergarten AnimalTales program.

Tails Are Not for Pulling by Elizabeth Verdick

Inviting children to pay attention to cues animals give, Tails Are Not for Pulling demonstrates to children how to love pets kindly. Children will learn the valuable lessons of not teasing animals, and asking before touching someone’s pet.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Demonstrating how to pet animals appropriately
  • Identifying characteristics of different animals
  • Illustrating how to be a good animal friend
  • Learning how to greet a dog

Ginger by Charlotee Voake

Ginger the cat lives a very good life. One day, his owner brings home a new kitten, which changes things for Ginger. A fun way to introduce the happiness – and struggles of introducing a new pet into the family.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying cats’ natural behaviours
  • Creating a class narrative
  • Creating a play of ski

The Way I Love You by David Bedford & Ann James

The Way I Love You is a story of a child’s love for her dog. Listing all the reasons why she loves her dog, The Way I Love You is a story of the special bong that exists between a child and her beloved dog.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying letters
  • Identifying rhyming words
  • Creating a new book cover

Are You Ready for Me? by Claire Buchwald

Told from the point of view of a dog looking to be adopted, Are You Ready for Me? explains all the responsibilities that come with getting a new pet. The reader will discover that it is ok if you are not ready for that responsibility right now.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying the needs of dogs
  • Discussing a typical day in the life of a pet
  • Placing animals in their correct living environment

Also included in Kindergarten AnimalTales:

  • Teacher’s Guide including curriculum connections
  • Hands-on Activity Cards
  • Downloadable Smart Board Activities, Activity Sheets, and Video