Hardisty School, Edmonton

Hardisty SchoolStudents studying democracy and citizenship in their grade 6 social studies class decided they wanted to exercise good citizenship and do something to give back to the community.

I had the opportunity to interview two students from Mr. Wyse and Ms. Alfazema’s class and asked them about their project.

“Our class brainstormed [fundraising] activities –most of the girls wanted a bake sale and since there are more girls in our class that’s what we did.” (The boys had been pushing for a paint balling, but had been outvoted.) Also through democratic process, students voted to donate the proceeds of the bake sale to help animals around the province.

“Everyone got a job. This helped make the fundraiser go better.” Some of the student tasks included set up, take down, advertizing and poster creation, and cashiers to work during the two lunch hours the bake sale took place.

I asked the students how doing this project made them feel. “It was good to know that we helped an animal” said one student. “Happy! It was successful!” exclaimed the other.  “We weren’t sure how it would turn out, but the bake sale sold out and we raised a lot of money to help animals.”

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