Project Ideas

Need some ideas? Here’re some:

  • angeloFind out what your local animal shelter or rescue group needs most – this could be blankets, towels, pet food, toys, etc. Hold a drive to collect donations, and arrange for a few class representatives to present them. Take some pictures for your mark on the Kindness Map.
  • Help the environment and animals by collecting bottles, cans, and milk jugs. Take them to the bottle depot and donate the proceeds to a local animal shelter or rescue group. Take some photos and tell us about it for our map.
  • Mount a public awareness campaign to help animals in your community. It can be as easy as making posters such as:
    • Stop pet overpopulation: spay or neuter your pet.
    • Adopt a pet from the local animal shelter or rescue group
    • Be a responsible pet owner keep your cats indoors and dogs on leash

Each student can make their own poster, or work in groups. You can take the posters to neighbourhood stores and businesses and ask them to post them. Take some pictures or scan a few and send them in to add to our map.

  • Research controversial issues involving animals and hold a debate. Issues could include questions like:
    • Should circuses be banned?
    • Is the seal hunt humane?
    • Should furs be discouraged as clothing?
    • Should cats be kept indoors?
  • Hold a debate in your class – you could invite other classes, or open it up to parents or community members. Send us a report (and maybe some photos or videos) for our map.

Examples of What Other Classes Have Done

  • There are many other ways to act out in kindness. Click here for projects that have been done in previous years, or contact the Alberta SPCA if you have an idea but are not sure how to go about it.

Not Sure Where to Start?