Recommended Reading: Books with Resources

“Let’s Get a Pup!” Said Kate

Category: Books with Resources, Picture Books

By Bob Graham, 2001

When Kate and her parents go to the animal shelter to adopt a puppy, it’s love at first sight – twice! The young family decides that two dogs are better than one – especially when one is wee and bouncy, and the other “old and gray and broad as a table.” A fun way to introduce the joys – and struggles – of pet ownership.

A Home for Dakota

Category: Books with Resources, Picture Books

By Jan Zita Grover, 2010

Dog No. 241, from a puppy mill breeding operation is rescued and taken to a warm, secure foster home. She is eventually renamed Dakota and learns to love and trust. A new challenge arrives when Dakota is adopted by a family with a little girl, Sweetie, who is also undergoing recovery. Dakota and Sweetie learn from and take comfort in one another.

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Always Blue for Chicu

Category: Books with Resources, Picture Books

By Karen Dugan, 2010

Over many long years, Chicu is handed off from one owner to another until he finally ends up at a parrot sanctuary. Chicu's story opens a window into the life of exotic birds whose very beauty leads to their imprisonment, birds whose unique qualities call out for understanding and care.

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