How to Heal a Broken Wing

In a city full of busy people, a young boy notices an injured bird on the ground. With the help of his family, he gently wraps the hurt bird in a blanket and takes it home to heal. This uplifting story highlights the power of empathy and compassion. Why use this book? Demonstrates how acts […]

Sonya’s Chickens

From the time they hatched, Sonya watches as her chicks grow into hens, and even start producing their own eggs! Then one night, one of the chickens goes missing. Where did the she go? What happened? When her father sits her down and explains what happened Sonya learns the reality about the interconnectedness of nature. […]

Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox

  This introduction to the Anishinaabe traditional of totem animals, young children express why they identify with different animals such as a bear, deer, beaver, owl, and fox, through a series of simple poems. The importance of totem animals in Anishinaabe culture and how they can act as animal guides for students seeking to understand […]


Written in collaboration with his students in a Toronto-based school, this story is about a boy named Taylor who has moved from a small town in Ontario to the big city of Toronto. On his way home from school with a new friend, he discovers a cat colony in a junkyard and takes an interest […]

Small in the City

  Small in the city by the award winning illustrator, Sydney Smith follows a young person venturing out in an urban environment providing advice to someone on how to stay safe – including suggestions on the safe passages, places to avoid, the kind people, and the good spots to warm up. The book has a […]

The Way I Love You

  Great for grade K-2, The Way I Love You explores all the different reason why we love our pets. Told through the eyes of the young child, this book demonstrates that our pets are more than just our pets; they are our friends and family.         Why use this book? Highlights […]

How to Heal a Broken Wing

How to Heal a Broken Wing tells the story of a boy named Will, who finds an injured bird. Out of everyone on the busy street, Will was the only one who stopped to help the bird. Picking the bird up, and nursing the bird back to health this story shows how the compassion of […]

Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

Norman is not the type of pet the boy wanted. Norman isn’t soft and furry and doesn’t run or chase strings; Norman is a goldfish. When the boy attempts to trade Norman for a ‘good pet’ things do not go as the boy planned. As the story continues, the boy slowly grows found on Norman, […]

The One and Only Ivan

Ivan is an easygoing gorilla who lives in a shopping mall with his friends Stella the elephant, and bob the stray dog. When Ruby the elephant shows up, everything begins to change. Ivan sees how Ruby is treated and vows to his friend Stella that he will do what he can to take care of […]