CTS Courses

CTS Courses for Careers in Animal Care

Resources for several animal-related Career and Technology Studies (CTS) high school courses are now available at These online, free-of-charge resources are available to anyone who wants to access them.

The courses are set up as virtual apprenticeships where the students select the environment in which they want to work: kennel, stable or farm. They then choose one of the five different species of animal to learn about: dogs, cats, horses, beef cattle or sheep. The self-guided course requires students to complete seven learning tasks in the areas of responsible animal care, animal health, humane animal handling skills and standards of care.

The students reflect on their experiences in each area, and complete a final project. At the end of the course, they will have assembled a personal portfolio with the information they have learned. The teachers’ section of each course includes rubrics, teaching suggestions and background information in a teacher’s manual that can be used online or downloaded and printed for easy reference.

The courses use published codes of practice as recommended humane methods of animal handling, transportation and care. Temple Grandin and other animal welfare experts were consulted in preparing these courses. To supplement the courses, the Alberta SPCA Education Department will be adding news articles and forum posts to engage with teachers and students. Students who successfully complete each course and send a copy of their portfolios will receive a certificate of completion from the Alberta SPCA.You and your students can delve right into the courses at

We have resources for each of the following: