Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story

Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story tells the story of a frustrated boy who receives advice from his grandfather about the importance of building a friendship with his puppy, Kamik. Jake is having a difficult time with the way his new puppy is behaving, but becomes optimistic after listening to stories from his grandfather on the […]

Zoe and the Fawn

Zoe and the Fawn tells the story of a young girl searching forthe mother of a fawn who is all alone. While searching for the mother, Zoe encounters a number of different wild animals on her journey to help the fawn. Throughout the story, the author incorporates the syilx (Okanagan) animal names in parenthesis. Like […]

Bad Dog

This is a story about a young girl believing her ‘dog’ is acting bad, when really she has a cat! A hilarious take on the differences between dogs and cats and the importance of researching your pet before getting it. Why use this book? Compares the differences in natural behaviours of cats and dogs. A […]

Hey Little Rockabye: A Lullaby for Pet Adoption

Hey Little Rockabye is an illustrated song about welcoming a new pet to your family and ensuring they feel comfortable. Being in a new situation can be intimidating and stressful, and it is not uncommon for young children to find themselves in these types of new situations. Meeting new friends, attending the first day of […]

Hello, Crow!

Franny has a new friend—a crow who brings her presents in its beak. Franny’s dad doesn’t believe her that a crow would bring gifts to a human. He doesn’t think that crows and kids can be friends. How will Franny convince her dad that her crow friend is real? And what will the crow bring […]


Written in collaboration with his students in a Toronto-based school, this story is about a boy named Taylor who has moved from a small town in Ontario to the big city of Toronto. On his way home from school with a new friend, he discovers a cat colony in a junkyard and takes an interest […]

Small in the City

  Small in the city by the award winning illustrator, Sydney Smith follows a young person venturing out in an urban environment providing advice to someone on how to stay safe – including suggestions on the safe passages, places to avoid, the kind people, and the good spots to warm up. The book has a […]

Jasper’s Day

Jasper’s Day is a story about the last day of a golden retriever, Jasper, whose family is giving him one special day before putting him down. The story is told through the eyes of Riley, a young boy who knows his family is doing the right thing by not letting Jasper suffer any longer but […]

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