KokoCat, Inside and Out

KokoCat, Inside and Out is a story about an indoor cat that escapes and experiences the outdoors. With each page turned, KokoCat experiences the challenges associated with life outside compared to living indoors like she is used to. This book can serve as a discussion starter on the ways to show empathy towards frightened pets, […]

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney is a first person narrative of a young boy trying to comprehend and come to terms with the death of his cat, Barney. To help him cope, the boy’s mother encourages her son to think of ten good things about Barney, but the boy can only think of nine. […]

It’s Raining Cats and Cats!

It’s Raining Cats and Cats! tells the story about what could happen if a cat is permitted to have litters upon litters of kittens. The story begins with a boy, Jim, concerned about his cat after returning home from getting spayed. Jim asks his mother why Molly got spayed, and to help answer the question […]

Tails Are Not for Pulling

Tails Are Not for Pulling is a story about pets and how they communicate their feelings and needs. It also demonstrates how young people can interact with pets in a safe and respectful way. Learning that animals are sentient beings that have feelings and emotions allows students to better relate to them. Students may have […]

Hate That Cat

Jack doesn’t like cats. Though, much like poetry the more Jack becomes familiar with cats the more he grows to like them. This novel is a sequel to Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog, and is a perfect addition to any poetry unit. Why use this book? Highlights the strong connection and relationships people have with […]

Big Cat, Little Cat

Big cat was the only cat in the family – but one day, little cat arrives. The story follows the two cats through their days, months, and years until one day, the older cat has to go. And he doesn’t come back. This is a poignant story, told in black-and-white illustrations about the act of […]

Bad Dog

This is a story about a young girl believing her ‘dog’ is acting bad, when really she has a cat! A hilarious take on the differences between dogs and cats and the importance of researching your pet before getting it. Why use this book? Compares the differences in natural behaviours of cats and dogs. A […]

My Wild Cat

A cat is no ordinary pet! They seem sweet all curled up on the corner of the couch or as they snuggle their favourite toy, but don’t let that fool you! When you least expect it, a cat may pounce! This books had great information on cat behaviour as well as cat facts! Why use […]


Written in collaboration with his students in a Toronto-based school, this story is about a boy named Taylor who has moved from a small town in Ontario to the big city of Toronto. On his way home from school with a new friend, he discovers a cat colony in a junkyard and takes an interest […]

Small in the City

  Small in the city by the award winning illustrator, Sydney Smith follows a young person venturing out in an urban environment providing advice to someone on how to stay safe – including suggestions on the safe passages, places to avoid, the kind people, and the good spots to warm up. The book has a […]

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