Outside In

Outside In follows a young girl as she plays inside and outside her home. The girl realizes that even when inside that the outside is still with her. Sights, sounds, and smells of the outside are still noticeable from the inside, we just have to pay close attention: light shining through a window, water running […]

The Outdoor Scientist: The Wonder of Observing the Natural World

Dr. Temple Grandin is a world-renowned scientist, inventor, and animal expert. In this book, Dr. Grandin introduces the reader to different types of scientists (geologists, astrophysicists, oceanographers, etc.) who play a key role in helping others learn about the natural world. By sharing childhood experiences, observations and 40 student-friendly projects, Dr. Grandin encourages the reader […]

Lilliana and the Frogs

Lilliana and the Frogs is a story about a young girl and her love of frogs. One day when Lilliana is at a nearby pond she decides to catch some of the frogs to bring home. When Lilliana is not looking the frogs escape the enclosure and spread throughout the house! This story will encourage […]

The Bug Girl

The Bug Girl tells the journey of a young girl exploring her passion for insects. The girl falls victim to bullying when her peers tease her for liking bugs and as a result she decides not to like bugs anymore. Soon, with help from her mom, and an entomologist, the girl realizes that bugs are […]

A Butterfly is Patient

Why use this book? An educational look at the butterfly; including the life cycle of a butterfly and the role they play in pollination. Ask your Students: What does it mean to be patient? What are some words that would describe you? Why are pollinators important? How can people protect pollinators? Activities: Protecting Pollinators – […]

The Hike

This is a story about three friends hiking through a forest exploring their surroundings. Taking time to observe what they come across, Wren, El, and Hattie, turn what might normally be ‘just a hike’ into an excellent learning opportunity that could inspire others to do the same. Why use this book? Showcases the benefits of […]

Over and Under the Pond

A boy and his mom explore the ecosystem of a pond and discover their surroundings. An educational look at the interconnectedness of animals, people, and the environment told through fun text and captivating illustrations. Why use this book? Highlights how animals, people and the environment are interconnected and how we all depend on everyone doing […]

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