I will love you anyway

This is a story about a family who is having trouble with their dog. The dog won’t sit, stay or fetch and constantly escapes from the back yard, so his family contemplates getting rid of him. This story showcases the importance of training your pets and illustrates what can happen if you don’t! Why use […]

Cookie’s Fortune

This story depicts a stray dog named Cookie as she searches for food, shelter and comfort. The compelling story, as well as illustrations, help elicit feelings of empathy and compassion towards Cookie and will have readers cheering for a happy ending. Why use this book? Showcases what life is like for a stray dog and […]

Hate That Cat

Jack doesn’t like cats. Though, much like poetry the more Jack becomes familiar with cats the more he grows to like them. This novel is a sequel to Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog, and is a perfect addition to any poetry unit. Why use this book? Highlights the strong connection and relationships people have with […]

Small in the City

  Small in the city by the award winning illustrator, Sydney Smith follows a young person venturing out in an urban environment providing advice to someone on how to stay safe – including suggestions on the safe passages, places to avoid, the kind people, and the good spots to warm up. The book has a […]

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