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The Practicing Empathy Together (P.E.T.) Pledge is based on Grant MacEwan’s Creed. (Alberta’s former Lieutenant Governor and early champion for environmental preservation and stewardship).

Follow these three simple steps to get on the Kindness Map with the P.E.T. Pledge!

1_bluePrint the  P.E.T. Pledge (or use this simpler version for younger grades). As a class, decide how many acts of kindness you will collectively perform and the date you’ll complete them by. Use this checklist (or this simpler checklist – or create your own list!

2_blue Spread the kindness! Once you’re fulfilled your pledge, you may want to create a visual representation of your combined acts of kindness – a great way to see your impact (here are a few ideas of what you can do). You may also want to ask your students some reflection questions to get them thinking about the importance of kindness.

3_blueTo get on the kindness map, fill out the following form and tell us what you did!

We took the Kindness Pledge

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