Show You Care Video Contest

Create a short video showing you care for every living thing! Use your creativity to produce an original video (max. 90 seconds) that responds to one of the following:

  • Show the importance of caring for a domestic animal (pets of livestock). Give advice on how to care for the animal including all that is involved in responsible pet ownership. Why is it our responsibility? The Five Freedoms are a core concept in animal welfare for domestic animals. These freedoms are used as goals or ideals when thinking about meeting both the physical and behavioural needs of animals. Click here to familiarize yourself with the Five Freedoms.

  • Create a campaign that brings awareness to an animal society tends to not show compassion towards. What are some examples of ways to show the animal you care? Why should people choose to show compassion?

  • Animals, people and the environment are interconnected. What are some ways we protect and care for the environment, and how does that impact animals and people? Why is caring for the environment important for every living thing?

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Clarity of message
  • Responding to every part of the chosen option (paying particular attention to the why)
  • Quality of production appropriate to grade level of students
  • Reflection of the Alberta SPCA’s philosophy of animal welfare

Eligibility and Permission

Click here to see eligibility and permission.


Curriculum Connections

Click here for the curriculum connections.

Print the Poster for you Classroom

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