Before You Were Mine

Before You Were Mine tells the story of a little boy imagining what life might have been like for his new dog before he adopted him. Maybe he had a family that loved and cared for him but the family moved and couldn’t care for him anymore. Maybe he lived with someone who wasn’t ready […]

Are You Ready for Me?

Are You Ready for Me? walks the reader through the responsibilities of owning a dog. Learning about and recognizing the value of responsibility can empower students to make good choices for themselves and consider how their actions affect others, animals and the environment. While learning about the responsibilities of owning a dog is crucial for […]

Tulip Loves Rex

Tulip loves to dance. When she meets Rex, a dog who also likes to ’dance’, an instant bond is formed. This is a story about friendship, doing what you love, and sharing that with someone special. Why use this book: Showcases that animals (dogs) are unique just like humans. Tulip isn’t like other girls, and […]

Cookie’s Fortune

This story depicts a stray dog named Cookie as she searches for food, shelter and comfort. The compelling story, as well as illustrations, help elicit feelings of empathy and compassion towards Cookie and will have readers cheering for a happy ending. Why use this book? Showcases what life is like for a stray dog and […]

JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House

Maya wants a dog. When her parents finally decide to buy her one, a stray dog comes into her life. While unsure at first, Maya’s mom agrees to let Maya take the dog in, and they name him JJ. While looking for his owner, Maya and her family learn about homeless animals and how they […]

Love That Dog

Jack doesn’t like poetry because, ‘Boys don’t write poetry. Girls do.’ Jack soon discovers that the more poetry he writes, the more he enjoys it – especially poems about his dog, Sky. This short novel is a perfect addition to any poetry unit. Why use this book? Highlights the strong connection and relationships people have […]

Hey Little Rockabye: A Lullaby for Pet Adoption

Hey Little Rockabye is an illustrated song about welcoming a new pet to your family and ensuring they feel comfortable. Being in a new situation can be intimidating and stressful, and it is not uncommon for young children to find themselves in these types of new situations. Meeting new friends, attending the first day of […]

What Pet Should I Get?

There’s something about a Dr. Seuss book that is special. Maybe it’s the whimsical creatures, maybe it’s the rhyming pattern; whatever it might be, it’s undeniable that Dr. Seuss has written some of the most memorable children’s books ever. In 2013, years after he passed, his wife Audrey, found a box containing materials for various […]

Norman, Speak!

Norman, Speak! is a story about a boy and his family who adopt a dog named Norman from their local animal shelter. After bringing Norman home and trying to teach him cues, they discover that Norman doesn’t respond to them, or even to his own name. One day, while playing at the park with another […]

A Home for Dakota

Dog No. 241, from a puppy mill breeding operation is rescued and taken to a warm, secure foster home.  She is eventually renamed Dakota and learns to love and trust. A new challenge arrives when Dakota is adopted by a family with a little girl, Sweetie, who is also undergoing recovery.  Dakota and Sweetie learn from and […]

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