Pasture Bedtime

Charlie, an eleven-year-old boy, likes to keep his life organized and quiet while living on a ranch where his mother runs a veterinary clinic. When Charlie’s mom hires a bookkeeper to come live on the farm, the bookkeeper brings her daughter, Amy Ma, with her, and Amy is anything but quiet! Amy’s constant questions and […]

BAT and the End of Everything

Bat has to prepare for a lot of change in the third and final book of this series, with summer vacation fast approaching. Summer vacation means Bat having to say goodbye Mr. Grayson, his friend Israel, and Babycakes, the class pet. Thor is almost ready to be released into the wild, unless Bat can convince […]

BAT and the Waiting Game

In this second book (of three) Bat is becoming more attached to Thor, and his sister, Janie, is even starting to warm up to the baby skunk. When Janie gets cast in her school play, Bat’s schedule changes, which means someone else has to care for Thor afterschool. While Bat does not love the new […]

A Boy Called BAT

Bat loves animals. When his mom, a veterinarian, brings home an orphaned skunk Bat enthusiastically agrees to care for the skunk kit until the wild-animal shelter can take it in. Almost immediately, Bat forms a bond with the skunk and believes that they belong together. Bat is determined to show his mom how good of […]

Tangled in Trash

Now that the Medicine River Wildlife Centre is his home, Otis the Owl takes note of many wild animals being cared for there. Narrated by Otis, this story of a Loon that become entangled in discarded garbage serves as an important lesson in keeping our environment clean and safe for all creatures.

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