Responding to Disaster: The Fort McMurray Fire

A disaster can happen when we least expect it. But when people step up, get involved and work together, difficult situations can be overcome and the Fort McMurray fire is a great example of this. From the start, the fires moved quickly, intensely and unpredictably. People were forced to evacuate with little warning – this […]

Why should we try to understand animal behaviour?

We love to observe and make guesses about what our pets are thinking or how they’re feeling, but there is a scientific way to examine their actions! Why is it important to look at animal behaviour through a scientific lens and how do we do it? Our guest blogger, and recent MSc graduate in Animal […]

Marks of Kindness

Students and teachers across the province have done some wonderful things to make a difference for animals, people and the environment! This short video highlights just some of the things they were up to this past school year. Enjoy! For more examples of students making a difference, visit our Kindness Map!

It’s spring – get outside and… learn!

As the days get longer and temperatures return to the plus side of zero, Albertans naturally start spending more time outdoors. Along with the newly budding leaves and flowers, field trips and environmental activities seem to flourish in spring. Our Kindness Calendar lists many events with educational components – often global in perspective but with […]

Christmas Bird Count Underway!

…and is a great way to observe wildlife in your community! The Audubon Christmas Bird count is the longest-running citizen science survey in the world, and this year it takes place December 14 to January 5. Families, students, scientists and birders from beginner to experienced make up the participants who collect important data which help […]

Honouring and Remembering Animals that have Served

Remembrance Day is a time to recognize, appreciate and remember those that have served and continue to serve our country in the past and present, and in times of war and peace. Included with these brave men and women are animals that have served alongside them. Delivering messages, providing security, rescuing wounded, carrying supplies, detecting […]

Ugly Human or Humane Hero?

There was a popular novel in the 1960s called The Ugly American, about U.S. expatriates in south-east Asia. The title phrase has come to be interpreted as representing ignorant attitudes sometimes displayed by rich westerners when they travel to poorer countries in the south – those who don’t bother to learn the customs or language […]

From Cats to Cattle – Animal Protection in Alberta

Animals surround us – in fact at least 56% of all Canadian households have a dog or a cat. This means that likely half of your students have at least one pet in their home with animal ownership likely increasing for students living in a rural setting. With so many animals relying on us to […]