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Animal Book Review new!

  • Have your students read a book featuring an animal and then write a review! Our Recommended Reading webpage has a wide array of great books that feature animals in a realistic way. Send your students’ reviews to us and they may be featured on our website.

Pet Product Design

  • Students use research skills to learn about pet needs and proper pet care.  Students will use this knowledge to design a new and useful pet product. (ICT outcomes are also addressed in this lesson)


  • A variety of poetry forms can be used to express facts, feelings and emotions on animals, animal issues and the human-animal bond.  Limericks, haiku, cinquains and free verse are explored.

All Creatures Cute and Creepy

  • These lesson activities emphasize the important role that every animal plays in our ecosystem through rhyming and poetry.  How we judge and assign value to animals based on appearance and utility to people is also addressed.

Animal Descriptions

  • By using adjectives students will describe an image that other students must draw. Subsequently, students will draw an image from another student’s description, gaining an appreciation for how description evokes

Animals in Advertising

  • Animals are popular and effective tools used by advertisers. A look at how and why animals are used as a part of effective marketing as well as consideration for animal welfare is discussed.

Animal Balderdash

  • An animal trivia game where the students come up with the answers.

Chain Reaction

  • These activities explore the consequences of chaining dogs and allows students to develop solutions that will benefit both dogs and their owners.


Dog Dollars and Sense

  • We all know that pets costs money, but how much?  By thinking about pet needs and our responsibilities to them, students can create a budget and gain a realistic view of the cost of owning an animal.

Hot Dogs in Cars

  • Students learn the dangers of leaving a pet in a car while gaining experience reading thermometers and plotting graphs.


Animal Art

  • Through the activity “Ani-motion” students are encouraged to express emotions or feeling about animals, animal issues and the human-animal bond through the creation of art.


Animal Music

  • Through discussion of sound, dynamics, and movement students will listen to “The Carnival of Animals by Camille Saint-Saens and explore the representation of animals with musical instruments.


Animal Art

  • In these lesson activities students will experiment with geometric shapes to represent animals, and express interactions and relationships with animals through art.


Animal Yoga

  • A fun way to integrate physical fitness into the day; students will increase flexibility while discussing and learning about animals.


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