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Literature can be a powerful tool and literary characters are powerful influences for students developing and shaping their moral code. Students who engage in critically thinking, have discussion and reflection are more likely to develop empathy and practice pro-social behaviours. 

AnimalTales consists of picture books, focusing on animals and our relationship to them, and a teacher’s guide that includes discussion questions and activities to address the themes of each story while incorporating the Alberta Education Programs of Study.

Through sharing and discussing stories, and having meaningful reflection, we nurture the development of compassion and empathy.

For more information on literature and character building, click here.

The Alberta SPCA commissioned a study to learn more about the effectiveness of the AnimalTales program and found the majority of students reported learning about compassion, kindness and how people, animal and the environment are impacted by their actions.

For more key findings from the study, click here.

AnimalTales is a FREE book lending program. The Alberta SPCA covers the cost of postage (both ways). In the unlikely event that a package is not returned, an invoice will be sent to cover the cost of replacing the package.

AnimalTales is a book lending program. Each class has the package for four weeks and then must return all material using the reusable blue envelope.

Requests can be made for anytime in the current school year, and starting in June for the upcoming school year.

The teacher planning on using AnimalTales must be the teacher who requests the program. This ensures teachers know exactly what to expect when the package arrives.

A teacher is allowed only one AnimalTales package at one time. Have a look at the grade descriptions to see what package best suits your class. The activities are flexible enough that you can adapt to fit all of your students.

Alternatively, you can request both packages at different times.

Each package comes with four books, with each book having accompanying discussion questions and three or more post reading activities (found in the teacher’s guide). Typically teachers spend one week working through each book.

The program is adaptable in that you can do as little or any many of the post reading activities as you like. To get the most out of the program, it is recommended to plan to have meaningful discussion and do as many of the activities as possible with each book.

For an example of how one teacher uses AnimalTales in her classroom, read this short blog.

Before the package is sent the school address and date requested must be confirmed by teacher by replying to the confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you shortly after you request the program.

A return mailing label is provided with the package. Simply place the return mailing label on the sealed envelope and drop it off at the post office. The return mailing label allows the package to be tracked. Postage (both ways) is covered by The Alberta SPCA.

If you misplace the return mailing label, send us an email and we can send you another.

It happens. Simply place a piece of packing tape over the sealed zipper and return as normal

Extensions may be granted if another class is not scheduled to receive your package. If you require an extension send us an email and we will try out best to accommodate.

You will not be penalized, however, you could be impacting another class that is waiting to receive the same package. If you need an extension, send us an email prior to the due date and we will try our best to accommodate.

Unfortunately, books are not available to purchase through the Alberta SPCA. We recommend checking with your local book store, and/or request the program again the following year.

AnimalTales Request Form

Note: We will attempt to provide the program as close to this time as possible. You will receive an email confirmation verifying the availability of the program.

NOTE: Teachers can request one package for one time period. Multiple packages can not be sent to one teacher at the same time.

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