How to Choose Animal-Themed Books

Choosing Animal-Themed Books Animals are ubiquitous in the lives of children. Many young people have pets, visit zoos, or observe squirrels or magpies in their communities. Children’s art, films, and books also heavily feature animals. This is likely, according to research, because children tend to have a natural affinity towards living things.  However, the messages […]

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse What you should know Young people who witness or commit acts of cruelty to animals may disclose these at school. If that should happen, here are some points to keep in mind: Families in which pets are abused or neglected have a higher occurrence of child abuse or neglect. In an Alberta SPCA […]

Careers With Animals

Learning about animal-related occupations Students wanting to work with animals often think only of veterinary medicine, but there are plenty of other options available. Some require formal training at university or college, others entail part-time courses and still others need only on-the-job training. With so many choices, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to find […]

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