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Learn more about the AnimalTales book program.

The AnimalTales book lending program aimed at inspiring compassion for animals, people and the environment available for Alberta K-6 teachers was featured in the Latham Letter
Click on the image to read the article. 

Using Picture Books to Grow Empathy and Compassion by Dr. Donna Crawford features our book program as an “excellent example of picture book based materials that have a positive effect on social-emotional growth.” Click on the image to read the article.

AnimalTales is a FREE book lending program created for Alberta Elementary teachers who want to foster empathy, respect and a sense of responsibility for animals, people and the environment. Learn more


A study conducted by Dr. Donna Crawford looked at how grade 2 and 5 students and teachers experienced the AnimalTales book program. Learn more about the key findings

Stories that feature animals are ubiquitous in children’s literature, however not all books send positive or accurate messages about animals. Here are a few things to consider before selecting animal-themed books with a humane message for your classroom. Many great books may not meet these criteria, but can provide great teaching moments if they are reflected on critically.

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