Melvin and the Boy

Melvin and the Boy tells the story of a boy who finds a turtle basking in the sun at a park and decides to take it home as a pet. When they get home the boy quickly discovers that the turtle does not seem to enjoy being a pet, as much as the boy originally […]

Not Norman

Not Norman tells the story of a boy who learns the value of his new pet goldfish. At first, the boy is disappointed that his pet, Norman, is just a goldfish. Norman was not the pet he wanted or imagined since fish can’t play fetch, chase toys or be petted. As the story progresses, and […]

Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

Norman is not the type of pet the boy wanted. Norman isn’t soft and furry and doesn’t run or chase strings; Norman is a goldfish. When the boy attempts to trade Norman for a ‘good pet’ things do not go as the boy planned. As the story continues, the boy slowly grows found on Norman, […]

Always Blue for Chicu

Always Blue of Chicu tells the story of a wild parrot that is captured by smugglers and is taken to sea by a kind sailor. When the sailor has to return to his ship, he must give Chicu up. Chicu’s life is then spent with a variety of owners who do not know much about […]

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