Howdy, I’m John Ware

Howdy, I’m John Ware tells the story of Alberta’s legendary Black cowboy. John Ware was born into slavery in the southern United States. Once slavery was abolished, he made his way up to Canada by herding cattle on horseback, making a name for himself as a tough and competent cowboy. Treating his animals with respect […]

Saving Gracie: The Story of Cow 812

Saving Gracie: The Story of Cow 812 tells the tale of a dairy cow in Galloway, Scotland who suffers an injury and what people can do to help an animal in need. One morning a farmer noticed Gracie limping as she walked to the barn so he called the veterinarian. After doing all she could, […]

Pasture Bedtime

Charlie, an eleven-year-old boy, likes to keep his life organized and quiet while living on a ranch where his mother runs a veterinary clinic. When Charlie’s mom hires a bookkeeper to come live on the farm, the bookkeeper brings her daughter, Amy Ma, with her, and Amy is anything but quiet! Amy’s constant questions and […]

Call the Horse Lucky

Call the Horse Lucky tells the story of a horse who was removed from a situation when he was found to be suffering from neglect. When a young girl named Mel, notices something wrong with a horse in a pasture she takes action. With the help of her grandmother, she contacts a humane society to […]

Millie’s Chickens

Raising the chickens in her backyard, Millie is responsible for caring for her birds from sunrise to sunset. The importance of being responsible and meeting the chicken’s needs (food, water, shelter, enrichment, safety, etc.) is covered in this story. Why use this book? Demonstrates caring for a chicken. While the type of care changes based […]

Sonya’s Chickens

Sonya’s Chickens tells the story of a young girl dealing with the loss of one of her chickens. One morning, Sonya wakes to discover a missing chicken, which she learns from her father, was taken by a fox. While consoling Sonya, her father informs her of the reason the fox took the chicken which leads […]

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