The Bug Girl

The Bug Girl tells the journey of a young girl exploring her passion for insects. The girl falls victim to bullying when her peers tease her for liking bugs and as a result she decides not to like bugs anymore. Soon, with help from her mom, and an entomologist, the girl realizes that bugs are […]

Hey Little Ant

Hey Little Ant tells the story of a boy deciding whether to step on, or spare the life of an ant he and his friends find in the school yard. With his friends pressuring him to step on the ant, the boy faces a dilemma on what to do as the ant attempts to convince […]

A Butterfly is Patient

Why use this book? An educational look at the butterfly; including the life cycle of a butterfly and the role they play in pollination. Ask your Students: What does it mean to be patient? What are some words that would describe you? Why are pollinators important? How can people protect pollinators? Activities: Protecting Pollinators – […]

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