Lilliana and the Frogs

Lilliana and the Frogs is a story about a young girl and her love of frogs. One day when Lilliana is at a nearby pond she decides to catch some of the frogs to bring home. When Lilliana is not looking the frogs escape the enclosure and spread throughout the house! This story will encourage […]

One Duck

One Duck tells a story of how small acts of kindness can make a difference. When a farmer starts to plow his field, a duck, who built a nest in the field, sits calmly on top of her eggs, watching the tractor. As the tractor gets closer to the duck, threatening her and her nest, […]

Over and Under the Pond

A boy and his mom explore the ecosystem of a pond and discover their surroundings. An educational look at the interconnectedness of animals, people, and the environment told through fun text and captivating illustrations. Why use this book? Highlights how animals, people and the environment are interconnected and how we all depend on everyone doing […]

Grady the Goose

This tale delivers a gentle story of the development of a young Canada goose from birth to migration.. Drawing upon the grouping instincts of Canada geese, the author weaves a gentle thread of family togetherness through the various stages of Grady’s growth and maturation – and lessons we can learn from them.

Tangled in Trash

Now that the Medicine River Wildlife Centre is his home, Otis the Owl takes note of many wild animals being cared for there. Narrated by Otis, this story of a Loon that become entangled in discarded garbage serves as an important lesson in keeping our environment clean and safe for all creatures.

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