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Five Reasons for AnimalTales

AnimalTales is a free book lending program (grades K-6) that encourages students to become more compassionate and develop a greater respect for all living things. This program was started in 2010 and is continually being updated with new books and materials! The feedback we get from teachers is overwhelmingly positive; in fact, many teachers use AnimalTales every year. If you have never used AnimalTales before or if it has been a while since you have, here are five reasons why you should consider bringing AnimalTales into your classroom today!

1.Simple to order

Getting AnimalTales in your classroom couldn’t be easier! Fill out the online request form and upon confirmation that the information is accurate, your AnimalTales package will be scheduled to be sent out. You can request AnimalTales to arrive in two weeks or you can schedule it months in advance. Every class who participates in the AnimalTales program will be added to our Kindness Map and will receive a class set of bookmarks!

2. Ready to use

AnimalTales is ready to use as soon as you get it! The package includes a teacher’s guide that has pre-reading activities, discussion questions, and post reading activities for each of the four books. Post reading activities include activity sheets, group activities, Smartboard activities, videos, podcasts and more! We recommend having a look at the online resources prior to receiving the package, to give you a better idea of what is available, and to make the most of your time when you have the material.

3. Connected to the curriculum

One of the most important reasons why AnimalTales is so great is that it’s completely connected to the Alberta Program of Studies. The activities we’ve developed align with the curriculum, and cover multiple subject areas. You can use AnimalTales in your classroom with full confidence that learner outcomes are being addressed. You can find the curriculum connections for each of the four books in the Teacher’s Guide or online.

4. Promotes empathy and compassion

Literature can help students deal with issues or problems they will inevitably encounter as they mature and grow. The AnimalTales program consists of picture books that deal with a powerful message or theme – from the importance of being kind to all living things and peer pressure, to pet loss and bullying. Through sharing and discussing stories and having meaningful reflection, we nurture the development of compassion and empathy in a safe environment.

5. FREE!

There is absolutely no cost to you or your school – we cover the cost of postage both ways!

Are you interested? Request AnimalTales today!

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