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Every One Counts Contest Prize Recipients!

We are happy to announce the prize recipients of the Every One Counts contest! Many of the entries were strong contenders, so to say it was a difficult decision would be an understatement. The three entries selected to receive a prize did a great job of telling us why the animals count and what actions people need to do to provide proper care and treat animals with respect. Congratulations to the following recipients:

Miss Poche’s Multi-Grade Class

Viking Colony School, Viking

Miss Poche’s Muli-Grade Class researched an animal of their choosing and then presented to their class. The students then made styrofoam prints and used them to create metallic gold and black pictures of the animal. These beautiful pieces of work were then combined onto a bulletin board accompanied by an information sheet on each animal explaining why the animal counts. The students also identified what actions people need to take to provide proper care, to treat the animal with respect, and finally, how members of their community provide leadership in humane care and protection of animals. Miss Poche and her students plan on putting the prize towards new phys ed. equipment for their school!

Mrs. Netik’s Grade 6 Class

Tofield School, Tofield

Mrs. Netik’s Grade 6 Class created an Every One Counts class book on why animals count and what people can do to provide care to the animals. Each student picked an animal to research and wrote a couple paragraphs describing why the animal counts and the actions people need to take to provide proper care and treat the animal with respect. Paired with beautiful illustrations, this Every One Counts class book has great information on a variety of animal species! Mrs. Netik and her students plan on putting the prize towards an end of year outdoor class celebration!


Ally, Delta, & Hailey (Grade 2)

Onoway Elementary School, Onoway

On their own initiative, Ally, Delta, and Hailey from 2M decided to create their own pig report at home once they began to learn about pigs in their class. Their teacher, Miss Malik helped them combine their reports into a PowerPoint. The students gave information on pigs, explained why pigs count, and described what people can do to show pigs respect. Ally, Delta, and Hailey even made a mock habitat they thought a pig would like!

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