Animals in Literature

Descriptions Grade Three

The following books are included in the Grade Three AnimalTales package.

New books, activities and resources will be added for the 2021-2022 school year.

A Home for Dakota

Jan Zita Grover

Dog No. 241, from a puppy mill breeding operation is rescued and taken to a warm, secure foster home. She is eventually renamed Dakota and learns to love and trust. A new challenge arrives when Dakota is adopted by a family with a little girl, Sweetie, who is also undergoing recovery. Dakota and Sweetie learn from and take comfort in one another.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Discussing simple ways to help animals in your community
  • Determining the cost of owing an animal
  • Re-writing the story from the perspective of another character
  • Demonstrating empathy and compassion towards both animals and people

Buddy Unchained

Daisy Bix

Buddy Unchained is a deeply moving look at a dog abandoned and adopted. The story is simple yet of vast importance and at the end we want nothing more than to make sure that all the Buddys of the world are loved and cared for like this patient, easy-to-please pup.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Discussing qualities of responsible pet owners
  • Finding alternative solutions to problems regarding animals and predicting consequences of the solutions
  • Listing simple ways to show kindness to all living things
  • Identifying the needs of pets

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney

Judith Viorst

So begins this simple story told from the perspective of a child to whom all children can relate when they lose a beloved pet. As the child tries to remember the 10 best things about Barney, the author aptly handles both the emotions stemming from the loss of a beloved pet and the questions about the finality of death which naturally arise in such a situation.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Discussing emotions related to the loss of a pet
  • Discussing different ways people show compassion
  • Listing 10 good things about a person or an animal
  • Identifying positive ways to express emotion
  • Researching the life span of different animals

Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems

Susan Katz

Theodore is a fuzzy guinea pig with his own unique personality. Through poetry you will discover all the work involved in caring for a pet including feeding, cleaning, and taking him out for exercise.

Reading Activities Include:

  • Identifying and using literary devices in own writing
  • Experimenting with vocabulary
  • Identifying the requirements for animal care

Also included in Grade Three AnimalTales

  • Teacher’s Guide (including curriculum connections)
  • Hands-on activity cards
  • Smartboard activities, activity sheets, and videos (online resources)

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