Animals in Literature

Descriptions Kindergarten

The following books are included in the Kindergarten AnimalTales package.


Charlotte Voake

Ginger tells the story of a cat whose owner gets a new kitten. Ginger is upset with the new addition to the family as familiar routines get disrupted. How will Ginger manage this new change? Students can relate to the experiences of Ginger and the kitten – both being the ‘new’ person and having someone new come into their family or community. Learning how to take the perspective of others, being welcoming to others and troubleshooting issues if they arise are skills that students can utilize both in the classroom and outside of school.

Students will:

  • identify how animals communicate their feelings through behaviour and body language
  • discuss the natural behaviours of cats
  • relate how animals think and feel to how people think and feel (empathy)

Are You Ready For Me?

Claire Buchwald

Are You Ready For Me?  walks the reader through the responsibilities of owning a dog. Learning about and recognizing the value of responsibility can empower students to make good choices for themselves and consider how their actions affect others, animals and the environment. While learning about the responsibilities of owning a dog is crucial for dogs as they rely on people to meet their needs, it is also important for children as they can take what they have learned and apply it to different aspects of their life, even if they do not have a pet.

Students will:

  • list basic needs of animals
  • compare the needs of pets to the needs of people
  • describe the responsibilities of being a pet owner
  • identify animal characteristics
  • categorize animals as pets, farm animals, or wildlife
  • explore the perspective of an animal

Tails Are Not for Pulling

Elizabeth Verdick

Tails Are Not for Pulling is a story about pets and how they communicate their feelings and needs. It also demonstrates how young people can interact with pets in a safe and respectful way. Learning that animals are sentient beings that have feelings and emotions allows students to better relate to them. Students may have experienced what it feels like to be teased, made fun of and not treated with respect. By using their own experiences, students will gain an understanding of how animals may feel if they are treated in similar ways. Humane education programs that highlight animal sentience and care have been shown to improve children’s attitudes towards animals and prosocial behaviours towards their classmates. 

Students will:

  • describe appropriate ways to treat animals
  • identify how animals communicate their feelings through behavior and body language
  • differentiate between unkind vs kind ways to act towards animals
  • relate the treatment of animals to how people like to be treated

Hey Little Rockabye

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Hey Little Rockabye is an illustrated song about welcoming a new pet to your family and ensuring they feel comfortable. Being in a new situation can be intimidating and stressful, and it is not uncommon for young children to find themselves in these types of new situations. Meeting new friends, attending the first day of school, or even moving are all experiences that children go through that require them to have the ability to adapt to new situations and welcome others with kindness and respect.

Students will:

  • describe the role of pets in a family
  • relate how animals think and feel to how people think and feel
  • list ways to help a pet feel comfortable in a new environment

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