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Volunteer Spotlight – April 2019

The Alberta SPCA Education Department is fortunate to have two wonderful volunteers that help us connect teachers to humane education resources they can use in their classroom. Whether it is coming into the office once a week, or helping us at special events, our volunteers are an integral part of our department being able to do what we do! In honour of National Volunteer Week, we are highlighting two special individuals.

Amie Gartner - AnimalTales Intern

If you have used AnimalTales in your classroom this year, there is a good chance that Amie was the one responsible for you receiving the correct package on time. Amie comes into our office once a week and diligently prepares packages to go out, as well as ensures each student receives their bookmark! Amie is also working on adding to our AnimalTales program by creating activities and discussion questions to go along with new books!

Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta, Amie moved to Edmonton to pursue a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree at the University of Alberta, and is graduating in a few weeks! Inspired by her own teachers, Amie looks forward to inspiring others and making a difference in the lives of students. Children’s development is something Amie is passionate about and helping students to succeed is rewarding for her.

When asked how volunteering at the Alberta SPCA has impacted her, Amie responded:

‘I have been able to support a program that supports teachers by distributing books and lesson plans that teach valuable lessons such as empathy. The positive feedback from teachers after utilizing the program makes me realize how important this work is. In being a preservice teacher, I know this program is of high value and it is an honour to be a part of it.’

Gwen Dambrovsky - Education Volunteer

If you stopped by our booth at one of the teachers’ conventions in Edmonton, then you may know Gwen. Gwen is there welcoming everyone with a smile and always eager to chat about our resources, and the impact they can have on students, as well as connect with teachers about their treasured companion and farm animals.

Gwen and her beloved little dogs have volunteered at the Alberta SPCA for more than 30 years. Most recently, this newly retired former journalist has enjoyed bringing Gilly, her chihuahua-Japanese chin cross, to special school visits. She loves manning the booth at teachers’ conventions to help spread the word about the society’s efforts to encourage teachers to use humane education into the classroom.

When asked about the benefit of our programs and resources, Gwen responded:

‘I strongly believe that teaching children about kindness and compassion is best accomplished when they are young, the AnimalTales book lending program is a shining example of how the society and teachers can partner to achieve that goal.’

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