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Beiseker Community School, Beiseker

Mrs. Keim’s Grade Five Class participated in the Kindness Challenge 2020! The students spread kindness towards self, others, animals, and the environment for eighteen consecutive days during the first three weeks of December.

The students enjoyed writing letters to members of the Canadian Armed Forces, contributing to their school’s ‘Giving Tree’, and connecting with their families, including their pets! They learned that disconnecting from technology is different and challenging, the important role conservation officers play in society, and it is important to prioritize time, when trying to complete each daily activity!

Below are a few quotes from students when asked about the Kindness Challenge:

“It was really fun doing the Kindness Challenge because we got to do all sorts of different kindness challenges.”

“All of it was fun. I had never done anything like this before.”

“It was different knowing that we do some of these things in our normal days all the time.”

“I was fun writing letters to Canadian soldiers.”

“It felt good to do all these kind things!”

Way to go!



Beiseker Community School, 2 Avenue, Beiseker, AB, Canada

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