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John A. McDougall School, Edmonton

Miss Davidson’s Grade Four Class participated in the AnimalTales program. The students loved the stories and the discussion and the activities that followed each book – including wonderful finger paintings in the style of artist, Iris Scott. After finishing the program, the students voted on their favourite book and Oh Theodore! was the winner. The students graphed the results and then looked at fractions. The entire school staff got involved as well, by contributing photos of their pets to a presentation – which the students really enjoyed connecting to!

The students now ask themselves ‘Would you do that to an animal?’ or ‘How would an animal feel if you did that to him?’ if someone pushes another person, resulting in students thinking about their actions and feelings towards others.

Bravo, Grade 4!

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John A. McDougall School, 107 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Mrs. Guba’s Class participated in the AnimalTales program. The students enjoyed the stories and the …

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