How Smudge Came

How Smudge Came tells the story of a woman who finds a stray dog that she takes to her group home. Not being allowed dogs in her home, Cindy must keep Smudge a secret which means taking him with her to a hospice where she works as a cleaner. A bond between Cindy and Smudge […]

Oh, Theodore!

Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems is a collection of poems that tells a story about a boy and his new pet guinea pig. Students will notice some of the responsibilities involved in having a guinea pig as a pet, through figurative language and poetry. Learning about and recognizing the value of responsibility can empower students […]

Call the Horse Lucky

Call the Horse Lucky tells the story of a horse who was removed from a situation when he was found to be suffering from neglect. When a young girl named Mel, notices something wrong with a horse in a pasture she takes action. With the help of her grandmother, she contacts a humane society to […]

It’s Raining Cats and Cats!

It’s Raining Cats and Cats! tells the story about what could happen if a cat is permitted to have litters upon litters of kittens. The story begins with a boy, Jim, concerned about his cat after returning home from getting spayed. Jim asks his mother why Molly got spayed, and to help answer the question […]

Tanna’s Owl

Tanna’s Owl tells the story of Tanna, a girl who learns to appreciate owls. At first, Tanna was disappointed her father brought home a baby owl that required care. Tanna thought the owl was ugly, and did not enjoy how the owl ate ‘gross’ food. As the story progresses and Tanna becomes more familiar with […]

Buddy Unchained

Buddy Unchained tells the story of a once mistreated dog living in a new home. Buddy lives with a family, who takes great care of him, but that was not always the case. Buddy was found one winter day chained outside, and it was not until Buddy was helped from his situation that he started […]

The Bug Girl

The Bug Girl tells the journey of a young girl exploring her passion for insects. The girl falls victim to bullying when her peers tease her for liking bugs and as a result she decides not to like bugs anymore. Soon, with help from her mom, and an entomologist, the girl realizes that bugs are […]

Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story

Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story tells the story of a frustrated boy who receives advice from his grandfather about the importance of building a friendship with his puppy, Kamik. Jake is having a difficult time with the way his new puppy is behaving, but becomes optimistic after listening to stories from his grandfather on the […]

Not Norman

Not Norman tells the story of a boy who learns the value of his new pet goldfish. At first, the boy is disappointed that his pet, Norman, is just a goldfish. Norman was not the pet he wanted or imagined since fish can’t play fetch, chase toys or be petted. As the story progresses, and […]

Zoe and the Fawn

Zoe and the Fawn tells the story of a young girl searching forthe mother of a fawn who is all alone. While searching for the mother, Zoe encounters a number of different wild animals on her journey to help the fawn. Throughout the story, the author incorporates the syilx (Okanagan) animal names in parenthesis. Like […]

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