Tulip Loves Rex

Tulip loves to dance. When she meets Rex, a dog who also likes to ’dance’, an instant bond is formed. This is a story about friendship, doing what you love, and sharing that with someone special. Why use this book: Showcases that animals (dogs) are unique just like humans. Tulip isn’t like other girls, and […]

Cookie’s Fortune

This story depicts a stray dog named Cookie as she searches for food, shelter and comfort. The compelling story, as well as illustrations, help elicit feelings of empathy and compassion towards Cookie and will have readers cheering for a happy ending. Why use this book? Showcases what life is like for a stray dog and […]

JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House

Maya wants a dog. When her parents finally decide to buy her one, a stray dog comes into her life. While unsure at first, Maya’s mom agrees to let Maya take the dog in, and they name him JJ. While looking for his owner, Maya and her family learn about homeless animals and how they […]

This Moose Belongs to Me

Wilfred believes that Marcel is his pet moose, and although the wild animal does not follow all of Wilfred’s pet rules, Wilfred never questions his ownership of the animal. Marcel is good at being quiet, and providing shelter for Wilfred, but would rather follow tasty apples rather than listen to Wilfred’s direction. Will Wilfred realize […]

Our Dogs, Ourselves: How we live with dogs (Young Readers Edition)

For your students who love dogs, this book is for them! Author Dr. Alexandra Horowitz runs a dog cognition lab studying how pet dogs think and behave. The book explores the connection we share with our dogs, which includes all of the things we do for them, including buying them treats and toys, choosing a […]

Hate That Cat

Jack doesn’t like cats. Though, much like poetry the more Jack becomes familiar with cats the more he grows to like them. This novel is a sequel to Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog, and is a perfect addition to any poetry unit. Why use this book? Highlights the strong connection and relationships people have with […]

Love That Dog

Jack doesn’t like poetry because, ‘Boys don’t write poetry. Girls do.’ Jack soon discovers that the more poetry he writes, the more he enjoys it – especially poems about his dog, Sky. This short novel is a perfect addition to any poetry unit. Why use this book? Highlights the strong connection and relationships people have […]

BAT and the End of Everything

Bat has to prepare for a lot of change in the third and final book of this series, with summer vacation fast approaching. Summer vacation means Bat having to say goodbye Mr. Grayson, his friend Israel, and Babycakes, the class pet. Thor is almost ready to be released into the wild, unless Bat can convince […]

BAT and the Waiting Game

In this second book (of three) Bat is becoming more attached to Thor, and his sister, Janie, is even starting to warm up to the baby skunk. When Janie gets cast in her school play, Bat’s schedule changes, which means someone else has to care for Thor afterschool. While Bat does not love the new […]

A Boy Called BAT

Bat loves animals. When his mom, a veterinarian, brings home an orphaned skunk Bat enthusiastically agrees to care for the skunk kit until the wild-animal shelter can take it in. Almost immediately, Bat forms a bond with the skunk and believes that they belong together. Bat is determined to show his mom how good of […]