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Defending the Defenceless: A guide for Advocating for Animals and Defending Pets
by Allie Phillips

This book is at once a how-to manual and an inspirational piece. Drawing on her own journey to becoming an animal advocate, Allie shares her encyclopedic knowledge of the animal protection field to give us practical advice on how to get involved – and how to keep moving forward in the face of obstacles. Whether your passion is puppy mills, feral cats, legislative change, or shelter reform, Defending the Defenseless will make us all better advocates on behalf of our animal friends.

Last Child in the Woods
by Richard Louv

In his ground breaking work about the staggering divide between children and the outdoors, journalist and child advocate Richard Louv directly links the absence of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation to some of the most disturbing childhood trends: the rise in obesity, attention disorders, and depression. This book brings together a body of research indicating that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults. Louv offers practical solutions to heal the broken bond.

Keepers of the Animals: Native Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children
by Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac

A beautifully written and illustrated book, Keepers of Animals helps parents and teachers educate children about “our relationship with animals.” The stories, 27 in all, demonstrate the power and importance of animals in Native North American traditions and are more relevant today than ever.

Rediscovery: Ancient Pathways, New Directions
by Thom Henley

For over 25 years, the rediscovery program has drawn from timeless wisdom of Aboriginal elders to help teach youth to respect the earth and each other. This collection of over 130 outdoor activities based on native traditions from around the world will inspire youth of any age and background to discover and respect the world within themselves, the cultural worlds between each other and the natural world around them

Teaching Compassion: A Guide for Humane Educators, Teachers, and Parents
by Pamela Raphael with Libby Colmand and Lynn Loar

Through lessons that teach respect, responsibility and compassion for all life, children learn about the importance of caring fro themselves and others. By caring for animals, children make the connection to caring for

The Power & Promise of Humane Education
by Zoe Wiel

Learn how to engage young people to explore social justice, environmental ethics, animal protection and more. Get the keys to unlock each young person’s potential — and your own — to be a force for good and to help lead us to a better future.

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