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Introduction to

The Seven Sacred/Grandfather Teachings

a two-week exploration

The Seven Sacred Teachings originate from the Seven Grandfather Teachings from the Anishinaabe people and have been adopted by many (but not all) First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. The teachings focus on the relationships we have with all of creation and offer ways on how people should treat others. The seven teachings include love, respect, honesty, courage/bravery, truth, wisdom and humility and each teaching is represented by an animal. Each animal helps teach us how we can live our lives respecting animals, people, and the environment – every living thing. It should be noted that these teachings may differ slightly between groups or cultures.

This introduction to the Seven Sacred Teachings features nine mini lessons to complete over a two-week period. Each lesson includes discussion questions and a short activity. The final day includes some reflection questions for you to consider.

Begin your exploration by downloading the teacher’s guide and the student activity booklet by clicking on the buttons below.


Tammy Johnston, M.Ed of Birch Tree Educational Consulting Services provided content, expertise and perspective on this resource. Tammy is Manitoba Métis who now lives in Alberta. She has over 30 years of experience in the education field, and a love of nature and all animals.

Aimee Movold created the artwork for this resource. Aimee is an Indigenous artist, Cree from Samson Cree Nation and Métis from Fishing Lake. She grew up and currently lives in Devon, Alberta with her family. She draws inspiration from nature and storytelling. Aimee is passionate about learning and celebrating her culture to share with her kids and community.

The Alberta SPCA is grateful for their contribution to this resource.

Teacher's Guide & Student Activity Booklet

Click on the buttons below to download and print the teacher’s guide and the student activity booklet. The curriculum connections can be found at the back of the teacher’s guide. Note: The student activity booklet must be printed single sided.

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-6

Online Resources

Access all the online resources required to complete the two-week exploration by clicking the links below. Note: The resources are also linked in the teacher’s guide for easy access.

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-6

Additional Teacher Resources

Native Land – An interactive map of Indigenous territories, treaties and languages

Canadian Encyclopedia – Information on what an elder is and why they are significant

CBC Saskatchewan – A short video interview with a First Nations University of Canada professor who explains the importance of elders in community

Treaty Talk – Sharing the River of Life – a documentary (50:35) and educational tools for schools and communities

National Film Board – The Great Buffalo Sage – A documentary (55:53) on the history of bison in Alberta

CBC Kids – Information on what Turtle Island is and how it was created.

Pass the Feather –  Information on the value and protocols of a sharing circle

First Nations Pedagogy – Information on how to conduct a talking circle with your students

Empowering the Spirit – Teaching tools for the classroom, including talking circle protocol posters


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