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Lesson 1: Introducing The Five Needs

This lesson will introduce The Five Needs of Animals and encourage students to think how these needs compare to their own, and why it is important for people to help animals meet these needs. After discussing the pre-video questions, as a class, watch the ‘Five Needs of Animals – Intro’ (1:56) video. 

Pre-Video Discussion Questions

As a class, go over the following discussion questions with your students. Let students know that if they do not know the answer, that is OK, but encourage them to take a guess! You can also have the students record their answers on this activity sheet!

  • What is a need?
  • What are some of your needs?
  • What are the needs of domestic animals? Domestic animals are pets and farm animals that need people to look after them (where as wild animals meet their needs on their own).
  • Who is responsible for meeting your needs?
  • Who is responsible for meeting the needs of domestic (pets and farm) animals?
  • What happens if your needs are not met?
  • What happens if an animal’s needs are not met?
  • Do all animals have the same needs? All animals have the same basic needs, but how these needs are met varies from species to species.

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